Vyšehrad Location | Directions, Getting There & More

Vyšehrad is a Baroque fortress dating back to the 10th century that symbolizes the rich history of the Czech Republic. The historical fortress, built on a hilltop above the Vltava River, offers breathtaking views of Prague and the Vltava River. Before you plan your visit to Vyšehrad, read on to know everything there is to know about the various means of getting to the fortress.

Getting to Vyšehrad

Vysehrad Metro

By Metro

Closest metro station: Vyšehrad

  • Vyšehrad is a 9-minute walk from Vyšehrad metro station.
  • The Metro line C goes to Vyšehrad metro station.
  • If you are close to line A or B, you can change to line C at Muzeum station or Florenc station.
  • The Prague Metro runs less frequently over the weekend and post-midnight.
  • The metro runs from 5 AM to 12 AM.
  • The metro frequency is usually 2-5 minutes.
vysehrad tram

By Tram

Closest tram stop: Albertov

  • Tram No.s 7, 14, 18, 24, 93, 95 take you to Albertov tram stop, a 6-minute walk to Vyšehrad.
  • Tram No.s 2, 3, 7, 17, 21, 92 take you to the Výtoň tram stop, a 13-minute walk to Vyšehrad.
  • Trams are the most suitable public transport at night as they have the highest frequency.
  • Prague Trams are numbered from #1 and up. The Night trams are numbered from #51 to #59.
vysehrad taxi

By Taxi

  • The metros and trams in Prague are connected quite well within the city. For tourists, the best option is to take one of the two public transport to visit Vyšehrad. However, a taxi can be helpful during a time crunch.
  • The taxi will take you to the stop near the Brick Gate of Vyšehrad or you can even get dropped off at the metro station and walk the rest of the way to Vyšehrad. It is advisable to pre-agree on a price for the taxi to avoid being overcharged.

Getting to Vyšehrad via Car

Prague Airport to Vysehrad via car


  • It is quite easy to reach Vyšehrad via car.
  • Prague Letňany Airport is roughly 15.7 kilometers away from Vyšehrad.
  • You can travel via Route 8, Městský okruh and E65, and via Městský okruh from the airport.
  • Traveling via Route 8 is usually the fastest but do check the maps before deciding your route as the travel time can vary according to the time of day and traffic.
Parking Facilities


It is possible to park cars in paid areas around Vyšehrad. However, inside the Vyšehrad complex, parking is permitted only in the designated places between the Leopold Gate and the Tabor Gate.

Please note that buses are not authorized to enter the Vyšehrad complex.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Getting to Vyšehrad

Q. Where is Vyšehrad located?

A. Vyšehrad is located at V Pevnosti 159/5b, 128 00 Praha 2-Vyšehrad, Czechia. Find the location of Vyšehrad on maps here.

Q. How do I get to Vyšehrad?

A. You can get to Vyšehrad via metro, tram, bus, or taxi.

Q. What city is Vyšehrad located in?

A. Vyšehrad is located in Prague, Czech Republic.

Q. What is the easiest way to get to Vyšehrad?

A. The easiest way to get to Vyšehrad is to take the metro line C to Vyšehrad metro station.

Q. What is the closest metro station to Vyšehrad?

A. The closest metro station to Vyšehrad is the Vyšehrad metro station.

Q. What is the closest tram stop near Vyšehrad?

A. The closest tram stop is Albertov. It takes 6 minutes to walk to Vyšehrad from the stop.

Q. Is there parking available at Vyšehrad?

A. Yes, there are paid parking places near Vyšehrad.

Q. Is Vyšehrad located at a walking distance from the station?

A. Yes, Vyšehrad is a 9-minute walk from the Vyšehrad metro station.