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Perched atop a rocky outcrop overlooking the Vltava River, the Vysehrad Castle is a testament to centuries of Czech history, culture, and architectural prowess. Dating back to the 10th century, this cas...

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Mythical origins: According to a popular local legend, the Vysehrad Castle was constructed by the mythical Czech princess Libuse, who once stood on the castle’s hill and foretold the future of the city. This legend mentions Prague as a great city whose glory would touch the stars.

Vysehrad’s ghosts: The Vysehrad is rumored to be haunted by various ghosts and spirits. One of the scariest ghostly inhabitants of the Vysehrad Castle is the spirit of a white lady, who is said to wander the castle grounds, mourning the loss of her beloved.

The Tale of the Vysehrad Maidens: One of the most enduring legends of the Vysehrad Castle involves a group of seven maidens who are said to dwell in the castle's underground passages. These maidens, known as the Vysehrad Maidens, are believed to protect the castle and its treasures, appearing to those who are pure of heart.

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Who Built the Vyšehrad Castle?

Vyšehrad coat of arms

In the late 10th century CE, the then ruler of Bohemia, Vratislaus II, was responsible for building the Vyšehrad Castle. He began building the castle on the hilltop as the enormous rock towering over the Vltava River was a favorable place for settlements. 

Vyšehrad Castle fell into disrepair at the end of the 12th century CE when Vladislaus II became Duke of Bohemia and moved the royal residence back to Prague Castle. The erstwhile later served as a fortress and was used to protect Prague during times of war.

Legends Surrounding Vyšehrad Castle

devil's column in vysehrad
  • The first settlement was located here at Vyšehrad and later became Prague. No evidence supporting this claim has been found. According to local legend, Duke Krok established Vysehrad while looking for a safer seat than Budeč. 
  • Another legend states that the princess and prophetess Libuše laid down the prophecy about Prague's future glory.
  • An old legend about the Přemyslids dynasty states that the legendary Princess Libuše ruled from Vyšehrad castle together with her husband Premysl and their union led to the Přemyslids dynasty. There is also a story about a treasure hidden somewhere in a cave by the Přemyslids rulers.
  • Another famous legend originates from the Devil’s Column which can still be seen in Vyšehrad park. The story goes that a devil, enraged due to a bet that he lost with a priest, threw three rocks in Vyšehrad that came to form the Devil’s Column.

What is Vyšehrad Famous for?

basilica of st. peter and st. paul vysehrad

Vyšehrad is a historical fortress located in Prague. Vyšehrad has had a vibrant history - it has served as a royal castle, a place of military importance, and now, it enjoys the status of being a national symbol.

Admiring the Art Nouveau decor of the Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul, taking a walk through the renowned Vyšehrad Cemetery, marveling at the scenic vista of Prague from the Baroque fortifications of Vyšehrad are just a few things you can appreciate at Vysehrad. There are also exhibitions and events that take place in Vyšehrad that highlight its historical significance and some that celebrate local art and artists. Vyšehrad is a treat for history enthusiasts, culture-vultures, and nature lovers alike.

What is Inside Vyšehrad?

slavin tomb at vysehrad cemetery
Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul at Vysehrad, Prague
Vysehrad Casemates and Gorlice Hall

Vyšehrad Casemates (Gorlice Hall)

The Vyšehrad Casemates came to exist in the 17th or 18th century during the construction of bastion fortification. The casemates are a complex underground system meant for rapid troop movement. The largest casemate space in Vyšehrad is the Gorlice Hall. This massive hall would serve as an assembly area for the troops and as a warehouse for armament and food in case of an imminent attack. The hall has also served as a bomb shelter. Now, this impressive hall is used as a gallery as some of the Baroque statues from Charles Bridge are now stored here.

rotunda of st. martin in vysehrad

Rotunda of St. Martin

The Rotunda of St. Martin is the only Romanesque building in Vyšehrad which has been completely preserved. As the oldest structure of Prague, there is a vast history around it. Built in 1100, it was initially surrounded by a cemetery till the year 1300. The building survived the devastating Hussite Wars and was thereafter used as a prison for the Town of the Vyšehrad Hill. It was a gunpowder storage unit during the Thirty Years’ War, from 1700 to 1750.

How to Visit Vyšehrad?

Vyšehrad is a historical fortress in Prague with many historical attractions residing amidst the vast fort complex. This famous historical castle in Prague sees tourists turning up from all over the world and it is also quite popular amongst the locals. Pre-booking your Vyšehrad tickets is the best way to ensure that you get a hassle-free entry even when there are heavy crowds at the attraction. Not only do you get to skip the hassle of standing in long queues, but online tickets are also safe and they encourage contactless transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vyšehrad Castle

Q. What is Vyšehrad?

A. Vyšehrad in Czech means “upper castle”. The Vyšehrad Castle, formerly a royal palace, was destroyed and abandoned during the Hussite Wars towards the end of the Middle Ages. Vysehrad later served as a powerful Baroque fortress.

Q. Why is Vyšehrad so famous?

A. Vyšehrad is a historical fortress located in Prague. Vyšehrad has had a vibrant history - it has served as a royal castle, a place of military importance, and now, it enjoys the status of being a national symbol.

Q. What is the best time to visit Vyšehrad?

A. Avoid crowds by visiting Vysehrad during morning hours. For ideal weather, consider visiting Vysehrad from May to September. July is generally the warmest month.

Q. Where can I book my Vyšehrad Tickets?

A. You can easily book your Vysehrad tickets online. Visit here to book your Vysehrad castle tickets.

Q. What happened to Prague's Vysehrad?

A. Vysehrad is a historical fortress in Prague. During its zenith, it served as the royal castle of the Bohemian duke but when the new duke shifted his royal residence back to Prague Castle, Vysehrad gradually faded from the limelight. It then served as a Baroque fortress and is now a patriotic symbol of the nation.

Q. Is Vysehrad the oldest seat of Czech princes?

A. The first settlement, according to local legends, was located here at Vyšehrad and later became Prague, however, no evidence supporting this claim has been found.

Q. When do the guided tours of Vysehrad begin?

A. The guided tours of Vysehrad begin daily at 2 PM. Book your Vysehrad tickets here.